Biting bullets and finding hearts

So I bit the bullet and enrolled in this writing course at the Australian Writers’ Centre. The last time I took a writing course was in 2005. I was working full-time and childless, and even then I didn’t/couldn’t finish it. I’d had 2-3 years to complete it and then Dad died in 2006. I lost the heart for any kind of writing then, and for a good couple of years more too. Ok, why now? I write in a vacuum. It keeps me focused. It helps capture the voice/s of the story, flaws and all. It’s also very unhealthy. Things get stale; you need outside influences to inflate or deflate the story. And though the first course wasn’t as interactive as I’d hoped, it greatly improved my writing by leaps and bounds. And why this one? Actually, it was their weekly podcast that kinda sold me. The hosts, Allison and Valerie are working writers and industry pros. These ladies walk the talk. Plus they’re entertaining. I’m a little nervous how I’ll manage for time and creativity this time round but lucky it’s just a five week course where I’ll be ‘forced’ to complete an assignment within a certain timeframe. And look, what have I got to lose really? Bit o’ blood, bit o’ heart, makes the story sweeter.

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