Kung fu fighting (and duct tape withstands the test of time)

I packed up my old room at Mum's house the other day and came across some little treasures of LOL - two 'novels' I'd written as a teen in the 90s. They were:

1) Printed from floppy disks

2) Bound with duct tape

One of them is about a masked, singing assassin. The other story is a mash-up/rip-off of The Net and The Bodyguard (the Jet Li version, which could possibly be a rip-off of the Kevin Costner one).

So I probably kinda had a predilection for techno thrillers and kung fu movies back then, and all the main characters in my stories knew kung fu. The heroines, especially.

I’d watch a movie, particularly if they were action, and sometimes get annoyed at the heroines. They always felt a little unsatisfactory. It was glaringly obvious: why the hell don’t they know kung fu?? And if they did know kung fu, why weren’t they the ones to save the day?

Sandra Bullock running from Jeremy Northam? Fix him with a crane kick. Kevin Costner not around? That’s ok, Whitney knows kung fu. James Bond can’t save tomorrow from a media mogul megalomaniac? Michelle Yeoh to the rescue.

Of course, time evolved and so did my ideas of female strength (and movie choices). I’ll tell my daughter that a girl can still kick ass and save the world and not have to know kung fu. Although nunchuck skills might come in handy…


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